Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Burda Bag

Here's another one:


I was going to write a long whiny post, a pity poor me post, but then I stumbled across a blog of someone who is truly ill and I’m so grateful to be reasonably healthy, I’ll skip it. So there shall be knitting content.

A couple of years ago, when I discovered Artisans Square, there was a lot of talk about the Burda Bag. I believe it was in the August 06 edition. I really liked the bag. It was crocheted not knitted, but no problem, since I crocheted long before I knit. I paid a small fortune for a linen blend yarn and made it up. Small problem, I hated it. The crocheting was finished, I had the hardware to finish it, but it was awful. The shell stitch band was floppy and I couldn’t figure out how to stiffen it. So it sat. Until last night. I visited the frog pond, where DHs sweater resides and frogged it. ( About that, I know that finished is better than perfect, but believe me, there will be loads of other imperfections.) I think I’ll make the fake-a-gamo. I’ve got the needles and more than enough time. Depending on how I decide to finish it, I may even be able to use the hardware from the original bag.

Life is good!

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