Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yesterday's Post

Have you ever noticed how hard it is, to have a pity party once you’ve given yourself permission to do so? If you don’t believe it, try it. The next time you’re feeling sorry for yourself (I can’t be the only one!) tell yourself, it’s okay to do it for the next 10 or 15 minutes or so. As soon as you do it passes, I don’t know why but it does.

Why was I feeling sorry for myself? I found out yesterday, that I’ll be in this cast another
4 weeks. That’s right the entire summer. It is truly the pits! There is an upside to this (no housework, no worry about what to wear to work) but I’m truly missing my summer. I learned something with this. Wheel chair accessible does not equal handicapped accessible. Crutches are hard enough in the house. Most places are out: church, shopping, movies, concert venues etc. Wal-Mart is the only place that is consistently accessible and I’m not a big Wal-Mart shopper. I did however just suck it up and bought some shorts, tank tops and Peaches and Crème yarn. Even though I’m working at home, I still need to get dressed!

In other news, I’m still knitting. I decided not to frog DHs sweater. I bought this yarn, because it was practice, therefore there was no expectation that it would be perfect. And I’d better be the only knitter close enough to see that mistake! LOL

Each year we get several temporary employees who are with us over the holidays. Each year Christmas comes (big surprise) and I can’t decide what to get them that’s not going to break the bank. Earlier this year I made my mother some dishcloths and the light bulb went off. I'moff to a good start and will make another dozen or so. The good thing is there are different employees each year and I never have to make this decision again.

My co-workers and I don’t normally exchange gifts, but I made neck filler scarves for them. Being housebound does have its advantages!

Still no sewing going on. I promised DH I wouldn’t go up and down the stairs, unless he’s home. Most evenings, I’m worn out and he’s been busy most week ends. But hope springs eternal.


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