Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This is really today's post

DH is loving this. Hobbling around on crutches means I can't pick up the stuff he leaves all over the place and put it away. You can follow his progress through the house by the trail of stuff he leaves. It's like bread crumbs or something. Being the smart mouth that he is, his response is that at least he's not asking me where I've put everything.

I'm on Ravelry and have signed up for the Ravelympics. I've committed to finishing 3 articles in 17 days. I must be crazy. They are DHs sweater,the Fake-a-gamo purse and a tank for my sister. The yarn hasn't been delivered for that one. It's good thing I don't have to sneak yarn into the house. I ordered it, but when it's delivered, I can't bring it into the house. It will have to wait til DH comes home. I ordered it from Knit picks, so hopefully it will be here next week.
The flower (rose mallow) is from my sorry excuse of a garden. I'm not the best gardener at the best of times. I haven't been out there now since the beginning of July. I "snoopervised" DH pulling weeds over the weekend, but it still needs serious work.

My tomatoes are coming in very nicely. I do container gardening as we share the yard with rabbits, deer and othe assorted wild life. This year I put in tomatoes and string beans. This was a first for the beans and I've got plenty of leaves and vines but beans. I had a few flowers but nothing else. I've fed them and watered them but nothing. This seems to be a pattern with me, the first year I plant anything, it doesn't come up. Hopefully next year.


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Sheila said...

Hi Melodye and Thanks for the compliment on my blouse. It is such a great pattern.

Sorry to hear you will be in the cast for another 4 weeks. Thinking back I remember when I broke my left arm in the middle of July 1999 and just imagine what a pity it was. Talk about sad sack - that was me, but then you learn how to work with what you

You must be doing something good with gardening how else could a beautiful flower bloom.