Friday, January 16, 2009


This is a six day weekend for me. Ok, I'm working from home today and Wednesday but since I'm done by 3, I'm counting them. With this much time, I've got to set goals or I'll get nothing done. So here goes:

1. De-Christmas the house. Yes, I know it's late, but in my defense the grandkids didn't pick up their gifts til last Saturday. Sunday was shot and in the evenings I'm too tired.

2. Contact the Hattons about 3 new bobbins and a footman for my spinnning wheel.

3. Take more pictures of said wheel. I removed it from the family room so that little fingers wouldn't touch it and I wouldn't maim the owners of said little fingers.

4. I'm not going to have this sweater finished DHs birthday. Make plans for his birthday weekend. I'd thought about going away, but he's working Friday night and I serve at church on Sunday. I could switch this but since I missed most of last year due to my foot, I'd rather not.

5. Make up those two pairs of pants I've got cut out, my sister's blouse and my other sister's napkins. Since I'll be home, I'll be glued to the tv Monday and Tuesday, so this is doable.

That's it. Written and published goals. If that's not a stick, I don't know what is.



Anonymous said...

Hi Melodye!

I love your post about goals. I'm a huge procrastinator so I understand about setting goals when faced with a long stretch of "free" time.

(Not that I ever actually do it, but I should. Hope we see you tomorrow!)

who is having trouble signing in to blogger, darn it!

cici said...

That's quite a list, I like list too. I like checking them off as I do them. We still have our Christmas tree up too. The decorations are off, but the tree stayed because the cat loves to sit in it. I think it's time to throw it out though, it's getting hard and dropping needles like crazy

Beverly said...

Thanks for stopping by and delurking. Good luck on your goals. I've working on a few myself and so far so good.