Friday, February 6, 2009

Weekend Goals

Since it worked so well over the inaugural weekend, I’m going to make goals and publish them again. I only have the weekend, but there are some things I need to get done. I’m supposed to be working at home today, but I’m having trouble getting into the server at work, so I’m probably going to take the day off and get some things done around here. I’ve been trying to log on since 6:30. Even if I were ready to go now (believe me I not!) It would be close to 11 o’clock by the time I got to the office. I think not. So here we go:

1. Turn out our room. That’s going to take today.
2. Finish those two pair of pants. I’ve removed the waistbands and took out the side seams. Make notes for next time.
3. My sewing room needs to be cleaned. I’m happy with the layout (finally). But stuff needs to be put away. And I’m running out of space to put things. I’ve got someone from our church that’s doing a cabinet for an odd space in the kitchen. I’m thinking I’ll have him put up some shelves. The walls are cement or I could do them. I don’t like working with stuff over my head, which is why I’ve been resistant to putting stuff on the walls, but if the shelves are no more than 12 inches wide, it should be okay. The room is 12’ x 14’ so there’s no reason I should be cramped for space.

On another note, Carolyn has been catching some flack because she sews so fast. I don’t understand the problem. She says it’s all in the pre-planning and in all the work she does up front. She is an experienced sewer, has quite a stash of fabric and notions. I’d be surprised if she didn’t get as much accomplished. I’ve made 4 pair of pants in a weekend, but I knew what I planned to do, had the patterns, fabrics and notions on hand and was ready to go Saturday morning. I still had my youngest home and ran around with her a bit.

But lately getting anything done has been a pain. When I made those last 2 pair of pants, it seemed to take me forever. I completed the linings on the serger, serged the seams on the pants first. Completed the blue pants then got ready to thread the machine for the gray pants; I didn’t have the right shade of gray thread. I didn’t even think to check, because I “knew” I had thread. From the time I realized I needed thread til I got back from the store it was well over an hour. While standing in line, I thought, this would never have happened to Carolyn. She plans down to the last detail. When she’s ready to sew, she’s ready to sew. I’m working to adopt this attitude.

In knitting news, I think I told you, I finished the body of Harold's sweater. I’m almost finished the first sleeve. Once again, if I’d stopped to check rather than “thinking”, I’d have been finished. This time needles. I needed size 10 double points and a short size 10 circular. I kept thinking I had them. I didn’t. More wasted time and I spent more money than I’d intended. But that’s another post.


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Towanda said...

YOu gave me some food for thought. I never think about planning set goals for a weekend. You have inspired me to set two goals for this weekend.