Saturday, April 23, 2011

What a Few Weeks!

No, I didn't drop in just to drop out again. My last post was dated April 2. The very next day, my nephew called to say he and his fiancee' were getting married April 22nd. What year, I asked? 2011. No they aren't pregnant, but they bought a house earlier this year. Both families (and their minister) talked to them repeatedly about living together. They ignored us all until Nana (my mother) asked, "What would your grandfather think?" Apparently that's all it took.

They were married yesterday in a small ceremony at their church, but can I tell you how busy I've been? He's my only nephew and she's a darling girl. Their parents wanted an extravaganza. They wrested control and asked DH and I for help on the 9th. At one point I was ready to spring for two tickets to Vegas!

But it's over, it was a beautiful ceremony and everyone is so happy for them. I'm still on speaking terms with my sister and her in laws and no harsh words were exchanged. The bride and groom are so happy and so giggly.

I almost forgot to add the trip to Myrtle Beach (MB) to bring my mother to the wedding. My sister and I left Tuesday morning. The return trip Thursday entailed a stop in Richmond to visit my mother's best friend who was very ill. We returned to Baltimore just in time for me make it to the rehearsal. Whenever we go to MB, my mother has a list of things she needs to have done. I fell into bed last night with a deep sense of gratitude.

There's been knitting, but nothing to show. Wedding pics aren't available yet. Just wanted to say "Hi!" and let you know I'm still here.




Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Well, I'm glad you home and safe and have been doing some nice things for others...Blessings will surely follow your good deeds...Rest a little and post again soon ( this year:o)

Ivalyn "Tee" Jones-Actie said...

Congrats to all!

Elaray said...

Weddings are my favorite occasions! God bless both families!

Debbie said...

I am so impressed! I have been dealing with Daughter's wedding for almost a year-it's in October and now #1 Son announces he is getting married in November! When it rains it pours. Congratulations and I hope you get some well deserved time to yourself!
BTW: This is Araignee commenting under my real name because I am signed into my wedding blog-whew!