Wednesday, April 22, 2015

We're Baaack!!

Wow, I didn't intend to be gone so long, but life intervened.  When last we spoke, Harold and I were leaving for vacation and on our return, my sister was having surgery.  We did indeed go on vacation.  My sister had not one, but two surgeries.  Add in family responsibilities, church obligations, holidays and 2 part time jobs, I haven't known whether I was coming or going.  For the first time since I retired, I needed a calendar to tell me where I was supposed to be on any given day. It was not fun.
I have loads of respect for bloggers like Ariagnee who post everyday!

There was a lot waiting in hospitals and other public places, so I did get some knitting and crocheting done and I'll post those pics later this week.

Oh, the title does not refer to Harold and me.  Remember this?


This is why I'm finally able to post.  Except this time it's my right foot.  I've done it again and will be housebound for the next 3 - 6 weeks.  My calendar is suddenly very empty.  The worst?  I'll be missing Maryland Sheep and Wool!!!!!! How unfair is that?  No good deed goes unpunished. 




Araignee said...

OH NO!!!!!!!
Poor, poor you. Life certainly does get in the way of all good intentions. I do my blogging in the middle of the night when the world is asleep. If I didn't, it wouldn't get done.

Tanya said...

Must be the season. I fractured my ankle on Monday. Hang in there, I'm hobbling along with you.

Spinster Beth said...

Noooooo! You can't miss S&W! Maybe a Little Rascal scooter?